4 Easy Steps To Increase Productivity

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Productivity is a skill that needs constant improvement and adjustments. But every minor improvement you achieve is a milestone in your work. There are many productivity hacks, tricks and practices out there. I’m here to give you 4 easy actionable steps you can do to increase your productivity.


This may sound obvious, but many of us still don’t do it. Everyone has their phone next to them while working. Every time you hear a ring, a vibration or your screen light up you feel a sudden urge to look. Not only do you break your concentration when you stop working to look at your phone, but you also spend time reading that text, email or notification. If you want to increase your productivity make sure to move your phone somewhere else out of sight, but if you really need it close then set it to DO NOT DISTURB mode and put the phone facing down. This is a simple step and can literally be a game-changer for you.


Many of us want to start a business, make more money or achieve a better lifestyle. Doing so we get caught up in all the many things that need to get done. We set ourselves for failure when we say we need to get 100 things done by the end of the day. Set yourself up for success by setting maybe 3 goals to accomplish by the end of the day. You may think this is counterproductive since you are completing fewer objectives, but you are actually achieving more. By doing less you are preventing burnout, mistakes, and confusion. These small wins help increase productivity by allowing you to measure your success and growth in bite sizes.


This is a great concept shared by Chris Bailey in his book The Productivity Project. We all have different times where our energy level spikes and drops. For example, you may have the most energy after your morning workout or after an hour of settling in the office. Then maybe you should schedule all of your challenging work at that time. If you know that after your lunch break you get a little lazy and tired, don’t make this the time you have to finish up an important report. Pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day and once you know this; you can then schedule your energy to tackle the different tasks you need to get done. High energy hours should focus on your important work and low energy hours should focus on easier work. If you can do this you can increase your productivity.


Not everyone can afford a personal assistant 40 hours a week, but we can all afford a freelancer or virtual assistant on a project basis. Many of us want to do everything ourselves, as the saying goes, “You want something done right, you have to do it yourself!” However, doing everything yourself puts you hours, days and weeks behind schedule. You can easily outsource someone from Fiverr for two hours of work for as little as $5. If you can save 2 hours of your workload for $5, you can then invest that time into something that has more value to your line of work. By outsourcing minutiae work you can free up your time to focus on what matters to you, increasing your productivity along the way.

As I mentioned before these are easy actionable steps you can start implementing today, but increasing productivity is a process that needs attention. If you do not track or monitor your progress you will never improve your productivity.

Don’t think about getting more done in less time, focus on what you can get done in your given time.

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A family man learning Crypto, NFT & DeFi. Sharing what I learn from my research and experimentation so you don’t have to.

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Kevin Arguello

Kevin Arguello

A family man learning Crypto, NFT & DeFi. Sharing what I learn from my research and experimentation so you don’t have to.

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